Tornado Warning

Tornado Warning – Ohio


Tornado Warning – Watch
A Watch indicates the likelihood of severe weather in an exceedingly comparatively broad space. as an example, a tornado watch suggests that conditions square measure favorable for the event of tornadoes. move your traditional routines, however, sit up for threatening weather.

A Warning is issued once severe weather is truly occurring. as an example, a tornado warning suggests that a tornado has really been sharp-eyed or has been indicated by radar. The warning typically encompasses a comparatively tiny geographical area. If a warning is issued for the world within which you reside, take cowl immediately!

TORNADOES are not the sole REASON to remain ALERT

Strong Winds
Strong winds of fifty-five mph or a lot of will cause vital harm even supposing no tornado is a gift.

Lightning claims a lot of lives per annum than tornadoes. once lightning could be a threat, keep inside and do not use electrical appliances. If you are caught outside, keep a secure distance from tall objects, and take a look at to remain under something near . a secure distance from a tree is doubly its height.

TAKING cover

Storms manufacturing tornadoes in Ohio usually approach from the southwest. they will travel at accelerates to seventy miles per hour and contain winds calculable at over two hundred miles per hour.

Sometimes AN approaching tornado can sound just like the roar of a train or plane. If you see or hear a tornado, take cowl forthwith. get shelter within, ideally below ground level. don’t waste time gap windows; tornado-force winds can “open” the windows well before the pressure distinction will cause any structural harm. Above all, defend your head and lie flat.

At Home
Get away from windows, doors and outdoors walls. attend the basement. If you have got no basement, attend a primary floor toilet, closet or area at the middle of the house. If doable, get beneath significant furnishings and canopy your head with blankets or pillows.

At School
Go rock bottom floor or basement. attend tiny interior rooms or hallways. keep one’s eyes off from windows and avoid auditoriums, gyms and alternative areas with wide, free-span roofs.

In Public Buildings
Go forthwith to the selected shelter space or to an indoor corridor or tiny area on rock bottom level. keep one’s eyes off from windows. don’t use elevators. don’t attend your automotive.