Red Jasper

Throughout history, various civilizations have sought out Jasper for health, stability and the fearlessness it represents. Red Jasper is very grounding and nurturing it can be used to help you feel safe and secure in your environment.

The great thing about this is it’s also a safety crystal because you safe and secure you don’t end up doing anything reckless as well so red jasper is a really nice crystal to work with when you need to work on those base chakra issues to adjust but whenever you’re feeling anxious or you need to be more grounded.

Now, simply by holding it, meditating or wearing it, the Jasper crystal nurturing energy will help you to feel more settled. However, there are a couple of great activities that I like to do if I really need to work strongly with this crystal. One of my favorites is sit outside after a hard day and holding the red jasper and speak either in your mind or out loud to your Jasper stone about all your worries and anxieties that are playing on your mind at the moment and then simply leave the crystal outside on the earth to cleanse overnight taking those worries away.

The other thing you can do is you can make yourself a grounding oil and what you do here is you get a little bit of red jasper and couple of drops of cedarwood oil and pop them both in a little pot with some carrier oil like coconut oil, leave the Jasper crystal in there for a while to actually send its energy into that oil mix and then you can rub that on your feet to ground you or anoint yourself on the third eye or your heart or anywhere just to ground you and settle you a little bit more.

These I find really help to grab me when you know there’s something coming up big and I’m stressed out about that and I need to just kind of focus on what’s important and not worry about all those anxious thoughts developing. A deep relationship with this Jasper crystal allows you to find and discover what people, objects, and activities are no longer making you happy or no longer serving you in your life. Then you can start to take moves to let them go.

A really nice meditation to do is to see an object or that person in front of you and visualize an emotional bond connecting the two and color accord. Take a sword and cut the through and as you do so you thank them for the role they played in the life the lessons that they brought you and also you give them permission to go and thus as you simplify your life and just focus on what’s important to you. You will find that your stress and anxiety levels will drop away as well this is a really nice way to work with your red Jasper.

Red Jasper is such a grounding crystal as well, can really help you connect with nature and work with nature. To heal a part of the land take a jasper charge it with your intention, imagine the healing of that area and then bury it in the ground as an offering to leave its vibration spreading out throughout the earth.

When we’re grounded and not stressed we don’t sweat the small stuff and we can think clearly and so use red jasper whenever it is it necessary to make sure there’s a fair outcome if you have a decision to make meditate with you jasper to decide what is a fair outcome for everyone concerned.

It’s also a really great crystal to work with whenever you’re involved in any legal matters if you’ve got a court case or something in those legal papers maybe place your Jasper on top of those legal papers as well as carrying it to any court proceedings or lawyers meetings.

If you like to work with the angelic realms and call upon the Archangel Raguel you well who is considered to be the one who keeps how many imbalances and fairness and justice in the heavenly realms as well as on earth he’s basically the Archangel of Justice and he resonates really nicely with your Jasper so they work really well together so if you need that angelic help hold a bit of adjustment between your hands and communicate with Raguel.

l, however, feel most appropriate to enhance your working with you red Jasper gemstone by bringing in other harmonic energies firstly I always cleanse my Jasper quartz with the element of Earth so simply burying it in the ground overnight works really well ideally if you live somewhere where there’s mud clay or in Australia I love the red dirt these types of earth really seemed to resonate and empower your Jasper really nicely.

The plant that works really well with Jasper gemstone I mentioned before is cedar wood because of its such grounding attributes ideally the essential oil is really accessible when most people should be able to find that but if you’re lucky enough to live near a cedar wood tree and take the time to sit outside with your back against the tree holding a jasper quartz and feel both those grounding strong energies working really well together because of its strengthening and stamina kind of energy that Jasper stone holds it resonates really strongly with the planet Mars and Mars governs Tuesday so Tuesday is the best day to do your major workings in your meditations with your Jasper.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today and I’d love to know about your experiences with red Jasper so please leave a comment in the section below blessed be you.