Chernobyl Model 2

Chernobyl Model 2

Instagram Model reveals the truth about taking sexy Chernobyl Pictures

After publishing sexy pictures marked as if they were taken at the Chernobyl atomic catastrophe site, a Russian Instagram model triggered uproar. She was compelled to apologize, saying that nowhere close the place was the steamy shoot.

This week, Veronika Rocheva, 23, was convicted of gross insensitivity on social media after images of her–carrying a petrol cap and pulling off a hazmat search cap–were labeled as being in Pripyat, Ukraine–the now abandoned town close where the April 1986 disaster took place.

Chernobyl sexy 1 2
Chernobyl sexy 1 2

Apologizing for the confusion, Rocheva explained that the shoot was inspired by the disaster and took place over a distance of 4,000 km.

The model from Instagram said she was influenced by the Chernobyl HBO film.

“That’s what helped us connect with Pripyat the place we used to film, they appeared just as deserted,” she said.

“We believed it would only be watching it by our buddies, that’s it.

“We didn’t want to harm or insult individuals who were going through such a terrible tragedy in any manner.

“We give the utmost regard to Chernobyl’s tale.” Rocheva comes from Novosibirsk, the biggest town in the vast Siberian region of Russia. Other pictures of Instagram demonstrate her posing in Akademgorodok, a satellite town of science and university, and the five-star Marriott Hotel in town

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Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nz.nik/