Best Indian Restaurants

Food isn’t just sustenance. We don’t eat food just for the sake of eating or living, some food we eat because it’s exquisite! And some food we eat because we just are not able to forget the taste of that particular dish. But sometimes… …just sometimes, we eat something that makes a statement, that forces us to think and feel outside the boundaries and that is when a restaurants food becomes an art.

But only the best restaurants can do this. Which is why today we are at one of the best restaurants in India. Indian Accent!

So, right now we are going inside Indian Accent restaurant and you will find out why this place is the best restaurant in the country. When I said that Indian Accent is the best restaurant in the country… …I wasn’t joking! It’s the top-rated Indian restaurant in Asia’s 50 best restaurants list! It’s the only India restaurant in the world’s 50 best restaurant list.

And like any good Indian, it has cousins both in New York and London, to critically acclaimed Indian Accents in both of these cities, which is great. But, enough chit chat, Let’s go and meet the heart and soul of this place. Celebrity chef – Manish Mehrotra. “So, right now I am here with celebrity chef… …the heart and soul of the restaurant.” What are we making today?”

“This is our gongura fish. A nice Indian sorrel chutney, you can say. Gongura chutney, It is very similar to sorrel. So, this we have just introduced here also… …and gongura prawns with sago vada, we’ve introduced in New York and London.

Smell it a little, just toss in this, a little bit of butter. Okay, nice crunch and really sweet. ” So, right now we’re going to have a fantastic conversation with chef Manish about what drives Indian Accent and what goes inside his head. And obviously, we are going to try this fantastic dish.

“Indian Accent is really famous, but what was your journey like?” People who come here to eat… …they are the real reason 50% reason is my guests and 50% reason is my team. My restaurant team and my kitchen team. They are the one’s who really help me to execute my ideas on a daily basis.

When we were starting this restaurant 9 years back nine & a half years back people told me you are mad!

You are opening an Indian restaurant in Delhi without butter chicken?! What’s wrong with you? Do whatever you want to do but on the last page of the menu, keep one paragraph of traditional Indian butter chicken, nihari. I said, no never!

They said okay, if not now, you’ll add it yourself later when your restaurant does not earn. same happens with all the restaurants. I said, let’s see and here we are. I’ll tell you one thing, In India most of the food innovations are done by housewives. You won’t believe our food is very traditional and we are so steeped in tradition that sometimes we don’t want change.

We don’t like change in our food, that is why I say, I keep all the dishes rooted to our traditional food because there is nothing modern without tradition. “

“Exactly, I always say there cannot be a grandson without grandfather. Every combination, there has to be a reason behind it. Why you did like that? If that is not there why have you put sambar on a pizza?! Whether it makes sense or not if we can reason it then the dish is successful. If you cannot reason it the smell of coconut just comes into you! It’s BEAUTIFUL! Thank you very much! So, finally, the food is here. Gongura fish, Gongura is sorrel leaves, which is used in South India very often, as told by our chef. It comes along with a creamy texture of coconut.”

“So, I can’t really wait to try this. Very nice, Verrrrry nice! There are so many different layers in the flavor… …creaminess of coconut and the amazing kick of gongura. It’s so amazing.”

“So, this is the sweet peas, I love all kinds of coconut based curry, along with gongura.”

“I have some sweet memories attached to this Prabhav Gakkhar and Shauka told us to try 5 star restaurants so here we are. It doesn’t get fancier than this. We took a big leap, from a Dhaba to probably the best restaurant probably the fanciest restaurant in Delhi.”

We’ve finished the food and it’s time for the rating! There is no way the kind of efforts and the mind, the passion, and the heart that goes into the making of this delicious food that you can’t give it less than 5 stars. If I could, I probably would give it more than 5 stars!

There is a reason why this is the best restaurant in the country and it has proved it. Anyway, friends please don’t forget to like and comment! Share it with your friends! We will keep bringing you the most iconic restaurants in the city.