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Demi Rose 689

Demi Rose – Mother Dies

Only eight months after Demi’s dad’s death came the tragic news. The 24-year-old disclosed just last week that her mother had died

In the room of just 12 months, Birmingham model Demi Rose Mawby has lost both of her parents heartbreakingly. Her mother Christine Mawby, from Birmingham, was reported to be 63 at the moment of her death, although the conditions which resulted in her passing were not yet disclosed.

Demi Rose spoke earlier about her father’s suicide, Barrie Mawby, who died at the age of 80 last October.

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Demi Rose

Early on Wednesday, June 12, Demi Rose of Sutton Coldfield shared her heartbreak in a sequence of Instagram articles.

Taking Instagram, as she disclosed the terrible news, Demi spilled her heart out to her supporters.

She wrote: “Heaven today earned an angel. R.I.P. Mommy,” accompanied by a fractured emoji of core.

Demi Rose then shared with a water highlight a picture of two birds sitting together.

She wrote: “Saw on screen today these two lovebirds. I hope they’ve been visiting mom and dad.”

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