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Patsy’s – Best Italian Restaurants NYC

Sometimes doesn’t it seem like there’s an Italian restaurant on every corner but how many can say they’ve been around for more than six decades and served everyone from great Sinatra and Jennifer Lopez?

Well Patsy’s can, they’re located here in midtown Manhattan on 56th Street. Presenting one of the best Italian restaurants NYC.

“Your family has owned this restaurant since the very beginning this 1944 is Patsy’s Italian restaurant NYC our only location on West 56th Street, when did you become the chef here?”

“I started full-time in January of 85. My father taught me how to cook before him his father who was Pasquale patsy Scotland Melo was the chef so it’s only three chefs in 64 years and those chefs have met a whole lot of celebrities over the years.

Oh well of course there was Frank Sinatra who really was the biggest celebrity of all time and he brought so many different people here I’ve gotten very excited personally myself seemed like the Ben Stiller because they’ve been coming since he’s his whole family’s been coming since way back in the 60s and P Diddy comes in, we’re very lucky with that Jennifer Lopez as well.

Alec Baldwinis a very good man too so we’re so lucky but I’m just I’m so happy to be doing what I’m doing because you spent so much of your life working if you don’t enjoy it that comes out right away and I really do enjoy what I what I do and for years everyone that’s walked through the door has been able to enjoy the Italian food they know and love.

The heart of the menu is the same as when my grandparents found at the restaurant 1944 its southern southern Italy Neapolitan the red sauce is a big part of it the tomato is a big part of it so I really I like to keep the heart of the menu.”

 Rhe same as Sal said this Cathy’s Italian restaurant nycs a West 56th Street is the only New York City location there is however now a second location in Atlantic City in midtown Manhattan.

Review ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ – Jess – LA

Now you’re affected by the very fact that one thing is extremely special here. it is not even all the photos of the celebs on the walls or Frank Sinatra’s sculpture on the bar or maybe the exquisite aroma of recent Italian food. it is the heat that exudes from your initial eye contact with Joey, the nice grandchild, and dining-room attendant. which extended to our waiter, Nick, WHO created U.S. feel thus welcome and unbroken continuation that he would “I’ll watch out of you.”

And once you meet the hosts and house owners, Joe and Rose Scognamillo, you recognize WHO has set the quality of generosity and cordial reception. Two nicer, additional fascinating individuals you may ne’er meet. They shared stories of numerous of the celebrities that are while customers and created you’re feeling such as you were invariably planning to be one amongst the family. Such amatory individuals like they’re building the U.S. need to come back to NYC as shortly as we have a tendency to can!

It’s no surprise that during this age of restaurants coming back and going that they need to be sustained this treasure since 1944! several have reported, the food is superb. It is. And, before you allow, make certain to appear at Sal’s book. it’s associate degree absolute treasure of stories and recipes.