bao dai rolex 1

bao dai rolex 1

Bao Dai Rolex

The bidding war for the Bao Dai Rolex took place at the Hotel La Reserve in Geneva between 10 in-room bidders and three individuals biding by telephone. The watch is a triple moon phase-indicated calendar. It is one of only three black dial designs known to exist, crafted in 18-karat golden gold. It’s the only one that contains even hours of diamond markers, making it a distinctive item.

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Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo, the major watch auction company, announces that it has created a fresh world record for a Rolex wristwatch at the largest cost ever reached at the auction. An iconic timepiece, Reference 6062: Bao Dai Rolex, is the clock that marketed for $5,060,427. The watch belonged to His Majesty Bao Dai, Vietnam’s last ruler and is considered one of the most expensive Rolex watches.

most expensive rolex bao dai

Some events had to change to place the diamond tag at the 12:00 place. “Rolex Oyster Perpetual” were also shifted down, and the wording “formally certified Chronometer” was put under the moon phase chart rather than in the panel middle.

Fun Fact: The emperor was awarded the title Bao Dai (Keeper of Greatness) at the age of 12.

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