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Aesthetic Clothing – What Aesthetic Am I?

How to find your aesthetic. The first aesthetic clothing that we’re going dive into is the high priest aesthetic. This fine aesthetic is a religion. The religion supreme. To follow the true faith of this religion you have to wear as much supreme as possible supreme, shirts, supreme underwear, supreme pants, supreme and everything and if you’re really over the top you’re also going to get the supreme baseball bat, the supreme dog food bowls and also the supreme stash Bible. I told you this was basically a religion.

This aesthetic is just an original as the grudge skater boy aesthetic clothing that you’ve seen almost a trillion times everywhere.. In this, aesthetic you’re all about looking like you’re an LA gangster rapper even though you’re probably just a suburban kid in high school who probably has nothing better to spend his money on.

For the high Beast Boy is also really important to always wear easy boots that make you look like you’re a space alien and also wearing Gucci shoes so you can show off the cash you got and if you’re at home and you’re chilling by the pool then you can also wear Gucci slippers.

Your favorite accessories will always be wearing chains chains on your neck chains on your pants chains everywhere just throw on as many chains as you can and also wearing a fancy blueberry scarves so it can show that you have a little class and a pair of ray-bans so you can show that you have a little more class even though you kind of look like a 40 year old businessman on his yacht.

 The next aesthetic that I’m going to talk about is the goth emo aesthetic and the goth emo girl is the aesthetic that has been here since the dawn of Tumblr. The emo goth chick tends to have their hair dyed either completely black a weird platinum color or a pastel color that they saw an anime character rocking so they tried it off but they kind of look like a candy bar now.

Emo goth chick always have to follow the perfect off aesthetic clothing so if you feel like they radiate all their heady made power.

So you have to follow this guideline first and foremost they have to wear a black top preferably a black strappy shirt because black is the new black.

Then the second thing is that they always have to wear a really really short flat skirt so that they can look like a nightmare schoolgirl who can like have psycho powers but also kind of cool.

Third thing is that the female goth girl always wears high tops dr. Martens or platform shoes so when she’s going to walk in to the Starbucks to demonstrate against mainstream and Frappuccino’s you can hear her, you can hear every single little step.

The last and final thing in the guideline is that you always have to wear a lot of chokers, as many chockers as possible with like diamonds and rings and stuff like that also bats and cats everywhere.

The favorite music of the goth emo girl it’s probably going to be My Chemical Romance where you have like an intense obsession with Jared Wade also you have an obsession with twenty one pilots that Yul is too intense sweep.

The nexus setting that we’re going to talk about is the mystic tumblr girl aesthetic this is setting it’s the one that rules every Instagram Explorer page in like the 2010s this is the aesthetic we all strive to be least one time in our life this is about being super fancy and sophisticated in some ways but also not.

 You really like to wear fancy classy kind of whimsy fabric pants that have stripes down on them to show that your cultured and sophisticated probably also artistic and this you wear along with your graphic tee that either has the word equality girl-power or probably a picture of Iron Maiden even though you don’t know any of their songs.

 This aesthetic it’s also really important that you focus on the most important thing which is great grit grit everywhere you have and we’re so much print that every time you walk into a bathroom you become kind of flash like no one would ever be able to spot you because your clothing matches the bathroom wall.

Your favorite shoes will always be the black plain vans old school or white night airmax and you always win these shoes when you take pictures of your record player where you show your records which will be a lot of little ray Marina and the Diamonds, Oasis where you had the most important thing are artic monkeys.

 The next extent that I’m going to talk about it’s going to be the Japan aesthetic.

This is the cutest and adorable aesthetic clothing. You’ll find out their business thetic is all about looking like a Studio Ghibli movie slash Sailor Moon slash all the clothing stores you can find on Instagram that you use your 10% promo code from some Instagrammer to buy stuff from this is the aesthetic.

Every time you go on your sacred Instagram you’re always drawn to buy as many packs full skirts that are pled as you possibly can you just really want to buy all of them so you can outlive your dream as a japanese schoolgirl but also you can all live your dream as a kpop star.

 In this aesthetic you also tend to look like your food, what?

Yeah all you ever wear is wearing a sweatshirt that kind of looks like you’re at Pocky inspired pastel shake so you walk around them that can you promote yourself as the cute milk of the internet.

 Your fashion is basically a mix between all the attempts you’ll find at Daiso but also all the Japanese street signs that you don’t really know what the say but you think they are cool so you’re like I’m going to throw that on with some pastel and it looks good.

 As I said before this aesthetic also has an obsession with food so it’s really important that you always have your food inspired cosmetics around.

Especially peaches. Peaches are so goddamn important that if you don’t have your peach scented lip balm you forget how to breathe.

The favorite music of the Japan Pastel  girl will always be all the kpop so when you get home from school and you pack out all your binders all your notebooks and all your stuff that is decorated with all the kpop stuff that you’re bought on the Internet you put kpon on and you dance and you try to learn the whole choreography but then you realize after two hours that you miserably failed.

The last and final setting that I’m going to talk about is the Instagram fashionista aesthetic.

This aesthetic can also be categorized as the insta baggy aesthetic this is the setting is all about looking like all the Kardashians put in the blender mix and then that’s what you get.

You wear so much contour so much highlighter and so much shimmery eye shadow makeup that is perfectly done that when you take it off you can’t even recognize yourself so you probably walk into a mirror because you thought it was someone else. You also have love for your eyebrows like you think they’re your children but actually they look more like snails and actual little darlings.

This aesthetic is all about taking the perfect Instagram picture of your nicely done avocado toast or you’re perfectly swirled coffee and your fashion inspirations.

You love their attitudes because of their confidence and all of the women out that they’re showing so you’re like I’m going to copy that but then you copy it and then you get a resting bitchface and then you’re like oh, so instead of taking pictures off your face you take truly enough pictures off your nicely done nails with all the little shimmery stones on them and also all the glittery makeup that you have on your arm to show it and try it on your skin tone that’s all you’re about you love it .

Sure you don’t have to fit into any of these categories you who you want to be. Personally, I’m a mix of a few aesthetics.

I can be anyone I want to be and so can you.