90's style-Reebok Aztrek5

Everything that’s trendy right now is pretty much from the 90s.We are going through a 90’s style phase so the Reebok Aztrek is a retro sneaker and if you’re not familiar with l sneaker culture terminology basically a retro model of a sneaker is a rerelease of an OG or of an original sneaker that was released in the past.

So, the Reebok Aztrek originally came out in 1993 but in 2008 is being re-released as a retro model so you’re basically getting that classic style from the 90s except it’s going to be newer and cleaner.

The first 90’s style is obviously the dad sneakers we’ve all seen the dad sneakers style a lot of people think that they don’t like dad sneakers and I think it’s because there’s a lot of styles of dad sneakers out right now that are very intense if you know what I mean, but what I like about the Reebok Aztrek is that they have like a dad sneaker silhouette but they’re still very wearable so we’ve got our Reebok’s.

90's style-Reebok Aztrek

Stretch ripped jeans were very popular in the 90s for some reason every time I think of ripped jeans I think of Kurt Cobain.

I feel like he wore those cool hot so ripped Jean was definitely a 90’s style. These ones happen to be high-waisted. I feel like most jeans in the 90s like the early to mid-90s anyway were very high-waisted.

90's style-kurt-cobain

We’re asked towards the end of the 90s style we were kind of heading into low-rise territory you know what I’m saying but for the most part of the nineties everything was pretty much high-waisted and then another one of the 90’s style is the fanny pack.

90's style-fanny pack

Crop tops were huge in the 90s. Ashley from Fresh Prince of bel-air wore a top just like this where it had like that little wrapping detailing in the front and when I found this shirt I was like I need to have it so that is outfit number one.

90's style-crop top

So, this is one style and then the classic 90’s style that I feel like everyone knows but also forgets about at the same time is the sweater tied around the waist.

90's style

You really can’t get any more 90s than tying your sweater around the waist.

Honestly, I really like this outfit I’m probably going to wear this out tonight, this is so nineties I can’t even handle it, but yeah so that is outfit number two.

90's style-choker

Another style that was very popular in 90s was wearing chokers in general but like the tattooed chokers these were very popular in like the late 90s to like early 2000s.

90's style-choker

I personally love these so much I used to wear these when I was younger so you know and then I paired this with a black denim skirt and I tucked everything in I feel like if it was like a nylon skirt I feel like it would be more 90s and then some black crew socks because, you know, my outfit is black.

90's style-Reebok Aztrek5

Also, this sort of style was very popular on the runway in the 90s where it was like a high-waisted skirt with a cropped top I feel we see a lot of this in 2019 already but this was definitely inspired by 90’s styles.

The next style we’ve got going on are the hoop earrings now the size of the hoops I feel like was very culture-specific so I feel like white girls or more white girls were wearing the like small hoops and more black girls and Latinas were wearing like big hoops.

90's style-hoop-earrings

Another 90’s style that was super popular is the overalls with the straps down or like with one strap down I’m not sure how this was popularized but I remember Will Smith in Fresh Prince of bel-air did this like all the time.

 Underneath I just put on a long sleeve a gold long-sleeve shirt also I really like that color combination I think that yellow or gold and blue or denim look like make a really nice color combination I feel like it’s really striking to the eye if you saw someone wearing this outfit down the street wouldn’t you like turn to look at them you know what I’m saying?

90s were crew socks people wore sneakers with crew socks all the time even if they were wearing jeans.

90's style-crew socks

 I feel like in the 90s it was okay to do that to not really match all the time but for my personal style I just like the way that this looks better.